2021 Annual Member’s Meeting | Minutes

The 2021 Annual Members Meeting was held on August 22, 2021 at 3pm at the Georgetown Public Library. The minutes for this meeting can be found here.

Meeting Agenda:

  1. Call to order
  2. Quick introductions
  3. Treasurer’s Report
    – P&L Statement
    – Bank Account Balance
  4. Status of the mowing
  5. Review of general Bylaws and CCR’s
    – Summary of changes needed to comply with the 2021 Legislative Updates
  6. Notice of interest to be applied to delinquent HOA Assessment Fees
  7. Creation of committees
    – Playground
    – Architectural
  8. Open Floor
    (To stay within the allotted time for this meeting and to ensure that those
    who choose to have an opportunity to ask questions, we ask that you not
    exceed a maximum of 3 questions per person.)

3Q Board of Directors | Meeting Minutes

The Board of Directors held their 3Q Board Meeting on July 17th, 2021 at 2pm. The minutes for this meeting can be found here.

Meeting Agenda:

  1. Status/update of the Retention Ponds
  2. Current status/update of the park 
  3. Date/time, location, & agenda for Annual Members Meeting
  4. Traffic Concerns (eg: speeding, passing buses unloading) 
  5. Discuss researching information on speed bumps again
  6. Yearly budget – operational expenses & reserve amount
  7. Bank account balances
    1. Address status of original bank account including decision on when to cancel and consolidate accounts
  8. Discuss seeking annual mowing contract
  9. Discuss content of SB1588
  10. Discuss possible updates required in our governing documents; if needed will require filing fee(s)
  11. Address CCR/Bylaws violations
  12. Status of mailbox coverings
  13. Open Floor

2Q Board of Directors | Meeting Minutes

The Board of Directors held their 2Q Board Meeting on April 24th, 2021 at 2pm. The minutes for this meeting can be found here.

Meeting Agenda:

  1. Recap of items discussed & outcomes from Special Meetings held on 3/19/2021 and 4/1/2021 
  2. Treasurer’s Report – banking status & current financial situation
  3. Status of liability insurance 
  4. Update on HASoftware – delinquent balance & future use
  5. Update on delinquent attorney invoice
  6. Update on initial HOA Assessment Fee & invoices
  7. Status on finding CPA to file taxes for 2018, 2019. 2020  
  8. Status on meeting location for annual members meeting 
  9. Update on bid for retention pond
  10. Status on playscape maintenance
  11. Findings on unclaimed property funds
  12. Need for additional plug-ins for Google/Quickbooks/Intuit 
  13. Items to consider for the July 2021 – June 2022 annual budget
  14. Management of incoming email mails 
  15. Installing solar lights on the existing light poles to avoid the total darkness should street lights ever be cut off again.
  16. Open Floor

Welcoming the 2021 Board of Directors

On February 20th an election was held to install a new Board of Directors for the Crystal Knoll Terrace Homeowners Association. The final count was announced on February 26th. Our Board of Directors is as follows:

Kathy Gould

William Holland

Christina Barnett

Andrew Karaffa

Gus Kawell

The new Board met for the 1st Quarter Board Meeting on March 13, 2021. Minutes of this meeting can be found here.

Congratulations to our 2021 Board of Directors! We look forward to the amazing things they will accomplish for our community!

Board Candidate – Andrew Karaffa

Andrew Karaffa – 103 Crystal Knoll Blvd

A message from Andrew:

My name is Andrew Karaffa, and I served previously as the HOA treasurer. And, as the board began to dismantle, I took on various other duties, including the HOA legal liaison, as that is my background. I am a full time firefighter paramedic here in Georgetown. I am involved with our union board as well, working on various union committees. 

When I was on the board, one of our biggest tasks was getting our books and bills back in order. I also helped orchestrate the purchase of the playscape on Crystal Knoll. 

I’ve seen our neighborhood go through lots of changes, good and bad. There are many issues that need to be addressed, but I feel we have a good neighborhood, we have good people that live here, and I want to serve the neighborhood again to help improve it. 

Board Candidate – Ben Wishert

Benjamin Wishert – 201 Wisteria Dr

A message from Ben:

I am a Native Texan and I am currently working for the Texas Commision on Environmental quality in a highly political and heavily regulated division. I have an BS degree from Texas A&M college of engineering and will be getting my Professional Engineering Stamp in a little over a year. I have recently bought a house in this Neighborhood and I am enjoying the area of Georgetown away from the more populated areas of Austin, Round rock and Pflugerville. My wife and I have already made many improvements to the home and still have many more planned as the rent house we bought to live in was outdated and filled with the cheap replacement parts.  

I would like to be a member of the Board to make sure the Neighborhood is one that everyone wants to live in. I will strive to make sure improvements are not interfered with. Improvements to our individual house not only improve our own property but the neighborhood in general. I believe as Austin becomes more attractive to tech companies Georgetown will feel more pressure in the housing market and will hopefully lean to more owners that have a strong vested interest in not just selling with home upgrades but living with the luxuries that the home upgrades afford. As a member of the board I can voice for affected parties of the new business park going in behind oru neighborhood.  There are things I would like to get done to improve our community however I would first and foremost like to make this an affordable place to live and thus will never support an increase in dues. I will stand for No Fees or fines, no expensive rules and no cost-shared projects, No interference with improvements and  No increase in fees.

Board Candidate – Gustave “Gus” Kawell

Gustave “Gus” Kawell – 207 Osage Ct.

A message from Gus:

My wife and I have been homeowners and residents of Crystal Knoll Terrace since March of 2003. We have three children all of which attend GISD schools and have grown up in our town. We like being involved in our community and have enjoyed the relationships we have built with our neighbors over the past 18 years. I spent four years serving our country as a U.S. Marine and am very proud and honored to have had the opportunity to do so. In 1999 I moved to Central Texas from West Texas and have been here ever since. I am currently employed as the Sr. Director of Construction for a national telecommunications company and have worked in the Georgetown office of that company for the better part of 20 years.

I enjoy giving back to the community in which I live. Most recently, I was the president of the Georgetown Youth Football and Cheer Association. I also served on their board of directors as Vice President and Athletic Director over the past 3 years. My youngest son aged-out of the league this year and I have passed the torch to a new board of directors with that great organization. I am a member of the Marine Corps League Williamson County Detachment, a veteran’s organization, and for the last year have answered duty’s call as their Paymaster (Treasurer). I am currently organizing an effort to bring another nonprofit youth organization to the Georgetown/Williamson County area by creating a Young Marines unit to our great Central Texas town.

I aspire to continue to make a positive impact on the lives of the people that live in our community. That is why I would like to volunteer to serve on the HOA board of Crystal Knoll Terrace and have the honor of making our village an enjoyable, safe, beautiful place to raise our families and bring us as neighbors back together as a true community.