About Our HOA

We envision a community of neighbors working together in a private, voluntary association to achieve a higher quality of life and increase property values. We envision a neighborhood that is considered by residents and non-residents alike to be a desirable place in which to live and enjoy the benefits of family, friends, and community.

Our Neighborhood

Crystal Knoll Terrace is an established neighborhood in Georgetown, Texas (outside city limits), home to almost 400 families of all ages and stages of life.

Our Association

The Homeowner’s Association functions within Sections 1, 3, & 4 of the neighborhood, helping to maintain the standards one would expect from a neighborhood with rising property values and proud homeowners. The Association also hosts several events throughout the year to foster a sense of community and provide value to our Members. 

Board President

Susan Craig is the current President of the Board of Directors. She leads the quarterly Board Meetings and Annual Members Meeting. Susan is also responsible for signing agreements and documents required to conduct Board business.

Board Treasurer

William Holland is the current Treasurer of the Board of Directors. He is responsible for receiving and depositing collections, keeping records of Board accounts, and ensuring Association bills are paid. William also prepares the annual budget for the Association.

Board Secretary

Molly Martin is the current Secretary of the Board of Directors. She keeps minutes of all Board and Members meetings and maintains the membership records. As Secretary, Molly will act in the stead of the President if a need arises.

Members At Large

Margie Funkhouser and Andrew Karaffa are our Members At Large. They will assist with Board business matters and address maintenance of common areas as needed. Margie and Andrew will also help arrange committees for various Association engagement efforts.