New year. New leadership.

It’s time to elect leaders who care about Crystal Knoll Terrace. Join us on February 20, 2021 as we take a step toward a brighter future for our HOA.

Congratulations to our

2021 Board of Directors!

Katharine Gould, William Holland, Gustave Kawell, Christina Barnett, & Andrew Karaffa will be serving the Crystal Knoll Terrace Homeowners Association as Board Members in 2021. Thank you to our Election Committee, our candidates, and every Member who voted!

Winter Weather Update (2/18/2021):

– The meeting will go forward as planned.

– Due to the delay in postal service caused by the winter storms this week, the results will not be announced until Friday, February 26th. Any absentee ballots received during the extended period before results are announced that are postmarked by the 20th will be counted.

Registration for online voting will close at 12pm on Saturday the 20th. All online votes will need to be submitted by 3:30pm.



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2021 Board of Directors Election Meeting

Saturday, February 20th | 2:00-3:30pm

112 Dogwood Dr | Georgetown, TX

Meet the Candidates!

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