2Q Board of Directors | Meeting Minutes

The Board of Directors held their 2Q Board Meeting on April 24th, 2021 at 2pm. The minutes for this meeting can be found here.

Meeting Agenda:

  1. Recap of items discussed & outcomes from Special Meetings held on 3/19/2021 and 4/1/2021 
  2. Treasurer’s Report – banking status & current financial situation
  3. Status of liability insurance 
  4. Update on HASoftware – delinquent balance & future use
  5. Update on delinquent attorney invoice
  6. Update on initial HOA Assessment Fee & invoices
  7. Status on finding CPA to file taxes for 2018, 2019. 2020  
  8. Status on meeting location for annual members meeting 
  9. Update on bid for retention pond
  10. Status on playscape maintenance
  11. Findings on unclaimed property funds
  12. Need for additional plug-ins for Google/Quickbooks/Intuit 
  13. Items to consider for the July 2021 – June 2022 annual budget
  14. Management of incoming email mails 
  15. Installing solar lights on the existing light poles to avoid the total darkness should street lights ever be cut off again.
  16. Open Floor

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