Neighbors Helping Neighbors

During the “frozen tundra” power outages that our neighborhood experienced recently, neighbors unselfishly offered their help or services to those in need.

Via the Crystal Knoll Facebook page, we witnessed some incredible human empathy and efforts to help each other. Some gave free firewood to a family with a newborn, to heat the formula.  Some gave advice and materials to prevent busted pipes.  Others offered milk, information, generators, firewood, dog food, a helping hand – and even alcohol.  This is just a small sampling of how we came together to help each other.

Perhaps going forward, we could all benefit and grow as a community, in the same friendly spirit that we experienced during the power outages.

We’ll be posting regular neighborly tips on this website, newsletters and social media sites for Crystal Knoll Terrace.

Upcoming events & suggestions:

Keep your eyes peeled for some exciting new community events & gatherings! We’d love to hear your ideas and suggestions. Interested in a BBQ cookoff? Neighborhood meet and greet? Let us know!

We can be reached via the following:

The Crystal Knoll Facebook Page, or email us at

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