Newly Elected Board Members

Newly elected Board members met on August 25th, 2022 to designate position titles.
Meeting of New Directors with Minutes:

Opening:  Meeting was called to order by William Holland.
Present:  William Holland, Susan Craig, Margie Funkhouser, Mollie Martin
Meeting Agenda with Minutes

  1. Recognize and confirm the resignation of HOA President Kathy Gould.
    Acknowledged resignation of Kathy Gould, effective July 27, 2022.
  2. Delegate Officer positions.
    Both new and existing elected members discussed officer positions and responsibilities, then delegated each position as follows:
    President – Susan Craig
    Secretary – Molly Martin
    Treasurer – William Holland
    Member at Large – Margie Funkhouser
    Member at Large – Andrew Karaffa
  3. Current contact information requested from each board member.
    Mail and email addresses shared with each other and William Holland. William will send information to Vera Bank, Attention: Virginia
  4. Board software security access.
    Software and security access provided to each member.
  5. Meeting adjournment. Meeting adjourned 6:15 pm.

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