Board Candidate – Kathy Gould

Kathy (Katharine) Gould – 22 Azalea

A message from Kathy:

I have lived in Section 3 of the Crystal Knoll Terrace neighborhood since 2001.  I was one of many to purchase a home in Section 3 during the buildout of the neighborhood.  I am originally from Virginia and my father was in the military so we traveled quite a lot.  I have one daughter and a teenage grandson.  I worked for AAFES for approximately 8 years then with the Texas Health and Human Services for 30 years and retired in 2015.  

During my time here I have had the pleasure to experience the positive outcomes in having an active constructive board and unfortunately what happens when we don’t.

I believe my background of over 30+ years of experience in customer service and relation roles, having been a team leader and bringing structure back to a dismantled organization can provide a positive contribution to a new HOA board.  My work and life experiences (having traveled within and outside of the USA) has attributed to my ability to communicate with all types of personalities with tact and diplomacy.  During my work life I participated and attended many training sessions that focused on team building, essentials of communication, communicating with tact and finesse, dealing with difficult people, managing diversity and the like. 

While I am well aware of some of the business issues that need to be addressed, I would also like to focus on activities/events that can bring our neighbors within the neighborhood closer.  I would like to have committees organized to work on needs within our neighborhood and work with outreach programs within the city of Georgetown and Williamson county and I believe we have the talent within our small community to do that.

I know some may be thinking that we are doing fine and may even enjoy not having to adhere to some of the Bylaws and rules but there are many things that individuals have been taking care of such as maintaining the grass in the common areas and park; however we cannot and should not expect them to continue maintaining those areas at their individual expense as these are the responsibility of the HOA Board.  

With all the unknowns of the previous board I can assure you that if I am elected to serve on our board I will work with whomever is on the board and those within our community and bring transparency back into the foil. The first step in doing this is to ensure the board communicates with homeowners so the only thing in the dark are our streets; until we can get the lights back on.

Thank you in advance for your consideration to serve on the Board to serve YOU.

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