Board Candidate – Christina Barnett

Christina Barnett – 118 Orange Tree Ln

A message from Christina:

We just moved here in December to 118 Orange Tree Ln. We, being myself, a husband, two kids and 4 animals.  Both my children attend GISD and look forward to making new friendships in the neighborhood . 

I used to volunteer with  my old Girl scout Council of North Texas.  Working with so many diverse girls really gave me and my daughter a sense of belonging.  I used to put together our council events for fundraising and also was responsible for the Adult Recognition program for our service unit. Which has really given me a sense of respect for the many volunteers that are in Girl scouts. They really are the backbone of the organization. Showing the new generation so many traditions and guiding them to new ones.

I currently work from home for a healthcare company.  My main focus at work is financial analytics, with a dash of contract reading. I really enjoy pulling up a good data set and organizing it into  readable data for those who need the information to make informed choices.  

As I am new to this neighborhood I can appreciate the value of transparency and being honest with your fellows.  I look forward to getting to know each one of you and building a community we can be proud of together.

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