Board Candidate – William “Bill” Holland

William “Bill” Holland – 15 Azalea Dr

A little about Bill:

*Married with 3 children, 4 grandchildren*CKT Resident since 2005

*Georgetown resident since 1989

*Member St. Johns UMC Georgetown

*Finance committee Chair St. Johns

*Volunteer with ROCK Equine Therapy

*Special Olympics Texas coach/volunteer 20 years

*Overseen rework of original CKTHOA website

*Managed website for approximately 2 years

*Section 3 Board member

*Assisted in consolidation of units 1, 3, 4 into integrated HOA

*Board member of consolidated HOA

*Maintained neighborhood park last 2 years

*Crossing guard Montessori school 2019/2020

*Worked for Wal-Mart for 21 years, store management

*Retired from Best Buy after 13 years

Neighborhood vision: Committed to maintaining the appeal and livability of our neighborhood as a functioning community. HOA should be a friendly open entity that listens to and assists with members concerns. A return to neighborhood events around some holidays to foster a sense of community and  understanding. CKT is a great neighborhood for families and it is up to the members to ensure it continues to be a place of preference for like minded people. We all deserve a safe friendly environment where our families can grow and prosper.

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