Board Candidate – Chris Walker

Chris Walker – 111 Mahogany Ln

A message from Chris:

My name is Chris Walker. My wife and I with our children live at 111 Mahogany Lane. We just moved here in August of 2020. I am the area manager for ABC Home and Commercial Services in Georgetown and an active member of the Georgetown Rotary Club and an Ambassador for the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce. I also founded a non-profit called Music for Wilco to raise funds for Williamson County Children’s Advocacy Center. My wife came home from a teaching job when Covid struck which has turned out to be a blessing. She got pregnant shortly afterwards and we welcomed our second child on January 25th, 2021. She is also a helper with our daughter’s Girl Scout troop.

We love our new neighborhood and have enjoyed making new friends here. We have enjoyed the community spirit for the most part especially during Halloween and Christmas. We are concerned about what will happen if just a few neighbors don’t make any effort to keep our neighborhood safe and beautiful. Not being a fan of micromanagement and nosey neighbors, I have always loathed the idea of an HOA. We didn’t have one in the neighborhood I grew up in, but then the city filled the roll of enforcing the kind of policies that kept it nice or at least, not unpleasant. With this in mind, we would like to help keep our community a wonderful place for other people and families to live and want to move to.

I am willing to serve our Crystal Knoll Terrace community in whatever capacity I am able to.

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