Board Candidate – Ben Wishert

Benjamin Wishert – 201 Wisteria Dr

A message from Ben:

I am a Native Texan and I am currently working for the Texas Commision on Environmental quality in a highly political and heavily regulated division. I have an BS degree from Texas A&M college of engineering and will be getting my Professional Engineering Stamp in a little over a year. I have recently bought a house in this Neighborhood and I am enjoying the area of Georgetown away from the more populated areas of Austin, Round rock and Pflugerville. My wife and I have already made many improvements to the home and still have many more planned as the rent house we bought to live in was outdated and filled with the cheap replacement parts.  

I would like to be a member of the Board to make sure the Neighborhood is one that everyone wants to live in. I will strive to make sure improvements are not interfered with. Improvements to our individual house not only improve our own property but the neighborhood in general. I believe as Austin becomes more attractive to tech companies Georgetown will feel more pressure in the housing market and will hopefully lean to more owners that have a strong vested interest in not just selling with home upgrades but living with the luxuries that the home upgrades afford. As a member of the board I can voice for affected parties of the new business park going in behind oru neighborhood.  There are things I would like to get done to improve our community however I would first and foremost like to make this an affordable place to live and thus will never support an increase in dues. I will stand for No Fees or fines, no expensive rules and no cost-shared projects, No interference with improvements and  No increase in fees.

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