Board Candidate – Andrew Karaffa

Andrew Karaffa – 103 Crystal Knoll Blvd

A message from Andrew:

My name is Andrew Karaffa, and I served previously as the HOA treasurer. And, as the board began to dismantle, I took on various other duties, including the HOA legal liaison, as that is my background. I am a full time firefighter paramedic here in Georgetown. I am involved with our union board as well, working on various union committees. 

When I was on the board, one of our biggest tasks was getting our books and bills back in order. I also helped orchestrate the purchase of the playscape on Crystal Knoll. 

I’ve seen our neighborhood go through lots of changes, good and bad. There are many issues that need to be addressed, but I feel we have a good neighborhood, we have good people that live here, and I want to serve the neighborhood again to help improve it. 

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